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The purpose of this wiki is to detail the events and characters of the Huntress series as well as other Ascend Hyperion machinima. Set within the primary Halo canon, these stories chronicle the adventures and struggles of fictional characters inspired by the Halo universe. Being that this wiki's purpose is the preservation and sharing of information, the content on this site is regulated and monitored by authorized editors and moderators to ensure accuracy and to reduce redundancy.

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=== The Huntress Saga ===

Spartan Agent 27, Naomi Marres, operates in the ONI branch known as Monolith. Quick, deadly and seemingly invisible, she quickly earns the nickname The Huntress among those she is sent out to eliminate. Naomi's world is flipped upside down when a chance encounter with an old ally turned target unravels a plot to start a civil war humanity cannot afford to fight.

When put at odds with the organization she once served and when reunited with a past she thought was erased, 27 sets out on a quest for the truth.


Learn more about the characters who bring the stories to life. These pages include detailed biographies, plot involvement summaries and more!


Explore the backdrops of the events of the Ascend Machinima Universe. From the streets of Shousbo to the deep seas of alien worlds.

The Ascend Machinima Universe

Get a full rundown of the inventory of the machinima by Ascend Hyperion.

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